Monday, October 15, 2012

Alaska and the Play

Both enterprises have completed successfully, and I'm starting to get back to other matters.

We had amazingly good weather on the trip - absolutely no rain and several days of actual sun, including in Ketchikan, which only gets 30 days without rain each year. Jan and I survived our ziplining expedition near Juneau, saw spectacular views on the White Pass Railway out of Skagway, and had a fabulous dinner aboard ship one night. Other highlights include karaoke singing, scenic cruising in the Tracy Arm, and cute animals folded from towels that showed up in our stateroom every night. I was also pleasantly surprised to have had no problems  with seasickness or indigestion.

As to the play, we never did get a final copy of the script, although the versions we did receive became increasingly complete and polished. A character and her scenes were deleted while I was out of town, and some of my lines changed after I had started to memorize them. But there were enough rehearsals after I returned for me to get up to speed. Our six performances were sold out, and the audience was very engaged. We done good.

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Jan Benson said...

Got to say I miss the rocking of the ocean !